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Company Philosophy
The Hope Home thrift store is built on the concept that it is human nature to want to help others. The thing is, most people just need someone to tell them what they can do.

The easy answer for those who have it, is to donate money directly - and you can do that here just by clicking on the Donate Now button on our menu bar. However, the thrift store allows even those who have limited means to help out by converting their unused items into cash and directing it to well researched local charities.

Hope Home Thrift Store spends a great deal of deliberation making sure that proceeds from the store are sent only to efficient, universally beneficial charities who operate in good standing with the local community and the laws governing non-profit organizations. No more guessing about where your charitable dollars go, or if the intended beneficiaries actually get it!

Hope Home Thrift Store
2114 Central Parkway
Decatur, AL 35601

(256) 355-0213

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