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Volunteer Center of Morgan County
The Volunteer Center of Morgan County mobilizes people and resources to address the issues that are important to the community and strengthens the capacity of local organizations to meet community needs through volunteerism.

Some programs the Volunteer Center of Morgan County offers include:

Connect Decatur - Connect Decatur is an initiative designed to promote unity among Decatur's ethnically diverse population. The program was proposed by the Mayor's Task Force in 1996 to challenge the community and its leaders to become actively engaged in improving ethnic relations in Decatur.

The objectives of Connect Decatur are to form partnerships between Decatur's churches of diverse ethnic compositions for on going working relationships. The main goal is to identify, develop and implement social service projects designed to meet the needs of the community. Connect Decatur is Churches in Partnership to build a better community.

Friend 2 Friend Mentoring - In response to one of the goals of the President's Summit, children are partnered with a caring adult mentor. The Friend 2 Friend Mentoring Program is a partnership between the Volunteer Center of Morgan County and the Decatur, Hartselle City Schools and Decatur Youth Services.

Reading is Fundamental - RIF programs offer enriching activities that spark children's interest in reading. And every child involved with RIF gets to choose and keep new books, at no cost to the children or their families. Two elementary schools, Falkville Elementary, and Woodmeade Elementary are sponsored by Volunteer Center of Morgan County. One thousand children received three books during the three distribution days.

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